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Hello – I am Sue Bremner.
I would love to be your personal English professor.
I am a New Zealander who has taught English to thousands of international students. I have worked for universities, language schools, and independently as a private teacher. I currently teach at a university in a city called the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

As an independent teacher working with you face to face as an individual, I can give you much more than the crowded university programmes allow. Universities pay me to teach their limited, rushed, mass produced programmes – but outside their walls, we can escape the English factory together, and I can teach you better!

If that is what you want – please ask me for a free, no-obligation, online chat.



English Success Online has been created to support international English language learners who need English in order to succeed at university and their careers.
The main focus is on Academic English skills, such as intermediate to advanced grammar and vocabulary, writing skills for academic genres e.g. academic essays, reading for academic purposes, research skills, critical thinking skills, referencing, paraphrasing, summarising and synthesising skills, presentation skills, note taking, pronunciation, and academic culture.
I also love working in other specialisations such as Medical English, Legal English, and Business English.
I offer private consultations, tuition, group classes, and am currently preparing online courses which will be available soon.



You can save a lot of trouble and money by studying English online, at home, at a convenient time – without having to leave your loved ones and your job behind to study abroad.
Forget about all the expensive travel costs, accommodation and living costs, suffering homesickness, culture shock, and complicated visas. Escape those exorbitant course fees you have to pay to attend mass-produced, rip-off programmes offered in English language schools that only want your money.
English Success Online offers you a great alternative. You will be taught as a valued individual, focussing on your specific needs and you will be taught better!
If this is what you want – please ask me for a free, no obligation, online chat.


Personal Tuition

personal 60 minute video conference lessons or consultations, plus homework, to meet your needs

Group Classes

form a group with up to 5 other people with similar needs as you, and share the cost between you

Editing Correction Feedback

send me your writing for correction and feedback



online courses are being prepared,  and will be available soon

Get Started

Ask for a free initial discussion about your needs.